How to grow an eCommerce business the right way?

Marvin Harris
Dec 28, 2021
2 min read


Damiano Raveenthiran, Owner of Startup Slang

Marvin Harris, Founder of Ovalz

Episode Summary  

Ecommerce is one of the most exciting avenues to broaden the horizon of success. Amid the prevailing Covid-19, Damiano Raveenthiran has expanded his business from a $30 website to a team of 33 energetic personals offering creative Ecommerce and Web Development Services around the globe.

In this episode, we have Damiano Raveenthiran as our guest, a Shopify Development Expert with extensive experience of over a decade. At his Toronto-based firm, Startup Slang, he offers his skills to highly-determined entrepreneurs to thrive and grow their businesses to soaring heights.

While discussing his life achievements, he revealed that he started his journey as a freelancer on Fiverr, selling building Shopify stores for $30. Presently, he had effectively established more than 2,000 startups for four years. In this podcast, he unveiled various sales channels that demonstrate a successful sales funnel. While discussing his 4-stages approach to create a lucrative sales funnel, he said, "Within those pillars, you have certain things that are going to line up to ensure that you're successful with a launch, and then the You can also scale."

E-commerce is exploding at a massive pace because of the global pandemic. Utilizing the bleeding edge technology, people started to establish their Shopify store resulting boom in the dropshipping trend. While answering one of our questions, Damiano has extensively explained why "Dropshipping is not a long-term strategy to run a successful Shopify store."

In addition, he also anticipates the future of the e-commerce business. "So, what excites me about e-commerce is the possibility". He believes that in the next five years, there is going to be a gigantic societal shift. Know how to grow your store from scratch by finding a problem and solving it.

What to Listen For In This  Episode with Damiano Raveenthiran:

  • "Value versus the cost." Find out how to figure out the pricing structure for your product.
  • "Content is super important." How it helps in achieving a high conversion rate, and what is the ideal conversion rate.
  • "What doesn't get tracked doesn't get managed." How to choose between tools like Google Analytics, Hot Jar, or Google Analytic

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