We are Ovalz. Our software automates shortage and spoilage tracking.

At Ovalz, we want to solve the biggest problem facing sellers: too many are losing sales because of shortages and spoilage. We found that many businesses were loosing sales because they ran of out products, bought too much of the wrong things, and spoilage. We want to help sellers grow sales by automating shortage oversight. A 1 Tr dollars in sales is lost by retailers each year from spoilage,
over and under stocks.Sellers need to know what to have, when to have it, and how to price items. Fulfillment needs to identify opportunities to allocate resources to grow sales. Buyers need to know you have what they want and they can get it.

We aim to make shortage data available so you can seize new opportunities. We want to help sellers grow sales by automating shortage oversight. Sellers need to know what to have. Buyers want to know you have what they want.
our story

Where we started and what we are working on.

Ovalz is a Tedco Portfolio Company headquartered in College Park, MD founded by Marvin Harris, Jason Spight, and David Shelters.

Ovalz is fighting the 1Tr dollars lost each year in retail sales from out-of-stocks and over stocks.
Ovalz wants sellers to avoid losing sales from shortages and spoilage.
Spoilage saved
Inventory revenue gained
Overstock reduction

What Ovalz stands for

We can realize our fullest potential with the right help.
To unlock potential in every human.
Reduce waste and enhance the quality of customer service.
Make easy to use products and deliver them rapidly.

Meet our Team

We’re committed to making Ovalz a great place to work, for ourselves and our investors.

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