We are Ovalz. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We built an algorithm to automate expiration date checks for you.

One of our founders, saved companies money since his first entry-level job, where he found $2M in lost revenue due to an overlooked billing error. The error took two years to discover because when you rely on manual checks–mistakes are common, money is lost, and customers get upset.

We founded Ovalz to automate expiration date checks for grocers; we built an algorithm that cuts grocery labor costs and food waste. U.S. Grocers manually check the expiration status only to throw out 30% of their food each year.

With Ovalz, product expiration date status is digitally available because we integrate across your systems without purchasing expensive devices.

We assign a unique Ovalz ID to your products when items are received, including a Lot ID and expiration date that follows inventory from receiving to payment.

Our algorithm is available through our web app and coming API.
our story

Where we started and what we are working on.

Ovalz is a Tedco Portfolio Company headquartered in College Park, MD founded by Marvin Harris, Jason Spight, and David Shelters.

Ovalz is on a mission to reduce labor costs and food waste for our customers.

Expirations avoided
Products checked
Expirations reduced

What Ovalz stands for

Helping you realize your business' fullest potential.
To unlock potential in every human.
Reduce waste and enhance the quality customers.
Make easy to use products and deliver them rapidly.

Meet our Team

We’re committed to making Ovalz a great place to work, for ourselves, customers, and investors.

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