Supply chain visibility and operations management

Easily create a digital supply chain with Ovalz

 BlockTrac -Supply Chain Visibility & Integration

BlockTrac -Supply Chain Visibility & Integration

 SmartTrac - Supply Chain Operations

SmartTrac - Supply Chain Operations


What can Ovalz do for you?

Ovalz helps supply chain managers open the covers so you can work seamlessly with your suppliers and customers. It can also help free up valuable time. Ovalz does more than just track and monitor physical, human, environmental, or digital assets, it allows you to build a sustainable supply chain. 


See what you need when you need to


Real-time data & device integrations

Do you know the point when an asset was lost or went missing? Knowing failure points in your supply chain can not only lower loss rates but provide valuable insights in the quality control process

Real time location

Think about a scenario that allows you to segment a collection of asset types no matter where they are in the world and know the exact location when you require


The ability to monitor and manage connected devices on our platform allows you to easily adapt to changes in your supply chain.

Speedy and consumable

Get up and running fast

Understanding the causes of overhead costs is
essential your profitability


Works alongside hardware

Manage, monitor and control

Link profitability of your operation to information from devices


See what's going on


Customizable to fit your needs


Take Ovalz for a test drive

Jumpstart your business

Time to bring transparency and traceability to your supply chain

Notifications via SMS or Email

Ovalz can notify users about specific activities to help you monitor assets easier and even help you make changes to your processes. All while keeping your information secure.


Ovalz updates are always free

Ovalz updates are always free. And they’re available for your Ovalz devices the moment they’re released. Your device even alerts you when it’s time to get the latest version. You will never miss out on the latest features.


Connect and manage your Ovalz devices

Managing business assets has never been easier, take conrol of your devices, and the ability to create asset classes you’re sure to value. Keeping your device data more private than ever


Secure and portable

Ovalz is smart it can provide helpful suggestions to make monitoring easier, get your products to customers faster, and even recommend changes to your asset monitoring process. All while keeping your information secure.

 Automatic data backups

Automatic data backups

 Data kept private

Data kept private


Take control of your supply chain


Ovalz can do amazing things


Easily take advantage of the tools inside Ovalz and make it part of your daily process be more efficient and our world class team is excited to help you. Getting started is so simple.

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Integrate with the systems you use everyday

Use the Ovalz Data Bridge to share data with any of your existing systems


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