Information Supply Chain Management for shippers and carriers

Ovalz Platform

Bringing information supply chain management to smaller shippers and carriers


What can Ovalz do for you?

Ovalz helps smaller shippers and carriers open the covers so you can work seamlessly with your vendors and customers. It can also help free up valuable time.


Works alongside hardware

Manage, monitor and control

Link profitability of your operation to information from devices


See what's going on


Customizable to fit your needs


Take Ovalz for a test drive

Jumpstart your business

Time to bring better realiability to your customers

Notifications via SMS or Email

Ovalz can notify users about specific activities to help you monitor data in your business. All while keeping your information secure.


Ovalz updates are always free

You will never miss out on the latest features.


Connect your operations

Managing deliveries and compliance has never been easier. The ability to connect mobile assets to handlers is now a breeze.


Secure and portable

Ovalz uses smart technologies to make things run easier, get your deliveries to customers faster. All while keeping your information secure.

 Automatic data backups

Automatic data backups

 Data kept private

Data kept private


Take control of your supply chain data


Ovalz can do amazing things


Easily take advantage of the tools inside Ovalz and make it part of your daily process. Getting started is so simple.

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