Delivery scheduling and monitoring built for cannabis

Give your customers the info they want when purchasing from businesses like yours with Ovalz Deliveries. It costs nothing to start, eliminates calls to your business.

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Deliveries—from any screen


Make it easy for your customers to see current order status—anywhere

57% of worldwide asset losses take place at warehouses and in-transit.
Source: BSI and TT Club



Know what’s working. Fix what’s not.

Lower your delivery compliance burden and save valuable time.




Confirm transfers, automatically

Automate customer status notifications and chain of custody evidence.

Discover how to reduce 3PL transporter risk




Say hello to digital bill of lading


And say bye-bye to paper bill of lading expenses.

15% of estimated physical transportation costs are from paper BOLs and similar paper documentation. Source: American Express



Put delivery operations on auto-pilot

Improve customer service by keeping your customers informed.


Enhance customer experience