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Ovalz Deliveries

Give your customers peace of mind with delivery scheduling and management software. Never a moment of uncertainty—without making a call or running to a computer.

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Excel at Customer Service

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Keep Customers Informed

Our event based messaging automates customer communications while offering real-time insights, workflows, collaboration, and tracking

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Collaborate Seamlessly

Provide consistent information to your partners, employees, and customers to lessen potential delivery problems

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Build Loyalty

Gain loyalty with customers by providing great delivery experiences and use data insights to keep performing at a high level

What can Deliveries do

Track Performance

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Ownership Verification

Collaboration on delivery status managed through mobile devices for continuous monitoring. Delivery information is automatically routed to collaborators and customers. Managers, drivers, and customers sign-off to accept or reject purchases.

Event Notifications

Let your customers and staff have complete insight into products in the field with continuous reporting of elements central to your business—reduce your administrative and compliance burden.


“Managing customer and driver activity on Ovalz is helping us grow our business, and it is allowing me to focus on what I love doing.” - Sales Manager, Bus4Hire


Create a Delivery in 3 Steps

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1. Add Purchases to Orders

Include any type of asset with your customer orders. It's simple to link them together.

2. Assign Team Members

Include managers, drivers, or collaborators to instantly notify Teams working together

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3. Schedule Deliveries

Setup deliveries and scheduled stops until Teams are ready to begin


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