Take the bite out of compliance


Ovalz Compliance makes it easy to automate the collection, recording, and sharing of logistics data with trusted partners.


Data is power. Use yours powerfully.

Profitable supply chains are driven by data. With Ovalz Compliance, you get instant access to compliance data and analytics that matter—and the better you understand your business processes the more your customers and business can prosper.

Contract Automation - SmartTrac.png

Stop spending time gathering data

Compliance automates daily activities—like
approvals and audits with blockchain-based smart contracts.


Make everyone accountable

Record every data transaction across business domains—from inventory to finance to IoT devices, or general compliance activities.


Information on-demand

Drive collaboration with speed and reliability between partners, vendors, and data owners. Plus, you’ll reduce data duplication.

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Efficiency = greater savings

Bring all your business processes together in one view to manage burdensome compliance requirements.


Blockchain-grade security

Blockchain ledgers by business domain provide an immutable record of every transaction. Plus, you own and control the ledger—only you identify and validate trusted participants. No more complicated queries, Excel, or PDF files to mine for data.