Ovalz is an order visibility and automated compliance platform for small shippers and carriers.

Sellers take on inherent risk with increased regulation, unpredictable fuel costs, inefficiencies due to heavy reliance on manual processes, and a myriad of safety concerns. Ovalz wants to help them meet the challenges ahead.

New smart technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts and the Internet of Things are now available to revolutionize growing small businesses. .

Why we exist. To build a place so small businesses can serve customers profitably and friction free.

Our Mission. Create a community that supports secure and sustainable commerce for all participants.

What is Ovalz platform? Ovalz order visibility and automated compliance platform helps small businesses save money and time, improve profitability and securely share information.

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Our vision

Our vision is to empower the global marketplace by discovering new and better ways of doing things while keeping customers first.

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What are Ovalz

Ovalz are platform connections to help shippers, suppliers, and transporters work smarter. Use an Oval to fix a singular challenge or bundle with another Ovalz.

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What we believe in

Everything we do is about pushing boundaries. We believe in thinking boldly using intuitive, simple, and flexible products anyone can use.



Make the exchange of insights and information available to everyone



Reduce loss, theft, waste, fraud, and enhance the quality of service, safety, and operation



Offer customers choice around demand, make products simple to use and understand, and deliver high quality rapidly