Ovalz is a real-time asset tracking & monitoring platform. Our products help reduce loss, theft, waste and enhance the quality of service, safety and operation.

And Why do we exist. Ovalz wants to make the real-time exchange of insights and information available for everyone. If you want to improve performance we are the company for you. 


What is Ovalz platform? Ovalz is a connected device platform for cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled devices.

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Our vision

Our vision is to empower the global marketplace by discovering new and better ways of doing things while keeping customers first.

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What are Ovalz

Ovalz are connections between devices and software to help you work and think smarter. Use one of our Ovalz to fix a singular challenge or bundle with other Ovalz to help you solve a larger concern.

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What we believe in

Everything we do is about pushing boundaries.  We believe in thinking boldly using intuitive, simple and flexible products anyone can use. 



Making the exchange of insights and information available to everyone



Reduce loss, theft, waste, fraud and enhancing the quality of service, safety and operation



Offer customers choice around demand, make products simple to use and understand and deliver high quality rapidly