Ovalz is a Logistics & Supply Chain Information Management SaaS Platform that allows shippers & motor carriers to increase sustainability, security, productivity, and profitability in supplier networks using connected devices, blockchain (DLT), and smart contracts. 

New technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts, and the Internet of Things are now available to revolutionize the logistics and supply chain industries for large companies with sufficient resources. 

Ovalz was established to ensure that smaller logistics & supply chain companies can enjoy the benefits  these emerging technologies offer by transitioning you from a supply chain to a supply community. 

We strongly believe that building a platform of inclusion will prove transformative for all types of shippers & transporters.  

Our mission is to create a supply chain community that supports secure, sustainable commerce for all participants. 

If you are interested please schedule a demo. Let's build a better supply chain together.

Ovalz was founded in 2015 to help manage asset value transfer and movement in supply chains. A few ways you can benefit from Ovalz.

  1. Data analytics to drive operational efficiency & visibility

  2. Automation of administration, regulatory, & compliance management

  3. Minimizing threat of cyber attacks with blockchain

  4. Safe & secure movement of people and materials(cargo loss, spoilage, and crime prevention)

  5. Increasing transparency throughout supplier networks

  6. Risk mitigation and monitoring

  7. Helping supply chain and transportation businesses meet sustainability initiatives

Why we exist. To build places for producers to serve customers profitably.

Our Mission. Create a supply chain community that supports secure, sustainable commerce for all participants.

What is Ovalz platform? Ovalz is a Logistics and Supply Chain Management platform that helps shippers & transporters increase productivity, profitability, security, and sustainability in supplier networks all without the middleman.

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Our vision

Our vision is to empower the global marketplace by discovering new and better ways of doing things while keeping customers first.

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What are Ovalz

Ovalz are platform connections to help shippers and carriers work smarter. Use an Oval to fix a singular challenge or bundle with other Ovalz.

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What we believe in

Everything we do is about pushing boundaries. We believe in thinking boldly using intuitive, simple and flexible products anyone can use.



Making the exchange of insights and information available to everyone



Reduce loss, theft, waste, fraud and enhancing the quality of service, safety and operation



Offer customers choice around demand, make products simple to use and understand and deliver high quality rapidly