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December 2018

Written by: Marvin Harris

BlockTrac is a real-time location system (RTLS) that provides data tracking, analytics insights, and loss prevention for assets. BlockTrac is ideal for businesses that move assets because it allows for remote or facility tracking of assets. It is available to track asset movements for the following use cases:

  • RTLS – This method involves multiple dynamically provided locations and is done through routers that rely on satellite signals for tracking.

  • Peer-to-peer tracking – The perfect way for tracking personal assets because it is done from a mobile app or mobile device location.

  • Indoor tracking with pre-determined location – Typically used by shipping businesses, this method uses beacons and scanners to track a package going to a pre-determined location. Some examples are Nest, Phillips, and Samsung Smart Things.

To illustrate the various ways you can use BlockTrac, consider these three scenarios.

Case 1

BlockTrac helps our customers track assets over land in the U.S. or abroad. With the potentially drastic changes in weather and vast distances that could be covered, you want a reliable solution to determine when your asset will reach its final destination, as well as potential issues because of inclement weather or temperature changes. 

Case 2

One of the fastest and most potentially dangerous methods of moving assets is through maritime shipments. It is frequently a more cost-effective means of sending assets, and temperature changes probably will not be a concern. However, you want to track assets so that you can know what kind of conditions they are exposed to while in transit. From storms to salt damage, BlockTrac can send notifications so that you know how your assets are likely fairing as they make their way across large bodies of water. 

Case 3

For businesses that require international monitoring of supply chain operations from distributor to supplier to warehouse, BlockTrac can make it easier to track a wide range of shipments and deliveries.

Beyond Tracking – Other Reasons to Follow Your Assets

While you want to know where your assets are, there are other reasons for keeping a close eye on assets, particularly for items that can be affected by drastic changes in weather and temperature. BlockTrac monitors conditions, and will notify you about changes to your assets conditions, including its progress to the final destination.

You can determine what is important information and set it up in the system to notify you around triggered events. When you send goods that require differing details, you can update the information so that you are always aware of the important details for each shipment.

For businesses that have suffered from waste or shrinkage in supplies, this is the ideal way of getting these problems under control. You can start tracking assets so that you can determine common causes and locations that result in loss based on unfavorable conditions for those assets. For assets that are temperature sensitive, you will be able to pinpoint where in the process they are exposed to detrimental conditions that could potentially result in asset loss.

Another possible issue with moving assets is unauthorized tampering. Cameras and other traditional means of monitoring can have blind spots and weak points that can leave your products vulnerable. You can set the system to notify you when someone or something is interacting with your assets, then you can determine the best course of action long before your products reach their destination.

You can pass along these benefits to your customers. If you choose to make the information you are tracking available to your customers, they can keep eyes on their shipments too. Offer it as an additional service, and you can have some additional revenue while reducing concerns from your customers on the status of shipments. 

The BlockTrac Components

BlockTrac is so versatile because it has four technical components.

  • Communication Router

  • Asset Tracking Beacon

  • Beacon Scanner

  • Application Platform

Each of these components plays a vital role in the process, analyzing and relaying the details of the location to you.

Communication Router

The Communication Router uses cellular networks to provide a secure mobile WiFi for location and data transport. The exact physical location of the asset is expressed in longitude and latitude from the relative distance from communication router.

Asset Tracking Beacon

The Asset Tracking Beacon uses Bluetooth Low Energy, the same technology used in smartphones for device pairing, to provide asset details, including position, motion sensor, and temperature.

Beacon Scanner

The Beacon Scanner uses both the network WiFi from the Communication Router and the Bluetooth Low Energy signal to relay data to the Application Platform.

Application Platform

The Application Platform provides asset data and device analytics in a secure user interface.

BlockTrac’s Competitive Advantage

Though there are a number of options that can help you with asset quality control, BlockTrac stands out because it offers advantages you won’t get with those other providers.

  • Our Motto is “Making Technology Consumable for everyone” – To ensure we live up to that motto with BlockTrac, we have a monthly Packages starting at $199.

  • We provide a full system – All the technology you need to monitor your asset quality control process are covered in our packages. There are no additional charges or fees outside of those packages.

  • We have strong family of devices that are flexible enough to adapt to the needs of your business.We've also partnered with Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile to offer standalone primary and redundancy data plans

  • Ovalz owns and manages our application platform. – We specialize in connected device applications.

  • A one stop shop for support and training on how to use BlockTrac – Our Managed Services Team will monitor and support your devices and application.

  • Our application is secure – The communications are encrypted and the platform is single tenant. That means you do not share your resources or data with other companies. The components are dedicated to your needs.

  • Our platform can be fully integrated with your existing supply chain, inventory management or asset management systems – Since we can integrate BlockTrac with your Asset Management or Supply Chain System, you won’t need to get new software or do any extra work to start using BlockTrac.

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