10 Signs your company is ready for cloud architecture

Cloud architecture product design

March 2017

Written by: Marvin Harris Contributor: Jason Spight

If you are wondering what cloud architecture refers to. Let me tell you about it. Cloud architecture refers to designing of the system in order to perform computations over the Internet and secure Intranet as well. Now let’s discuss to which components of the system that these terms are applied.

  • Clients such as desktop, web, user entry and data access which are front-end clients. Front-end are ones which interact with the users directly.

  • APIs that receive and transport data from other clients. Application Point Interface can be easily understood by referring it as a set of functions and procedures.

  • Internal clients where tasks and system integration are performed. Internal clients are the co-employees in your own organization.

#10 Signs that your organization is ready to adopt cloud architecture

1) You Are an Agile Shop: Commercial off the shelf products may be useful when thinking about easy implementation but it is not better than web technologies. Web technology is easier to prototype and to deliver in increments when we compare it with COTS.

2) Your Business requires E-commerce: Going online and ordering various packages are very common in lading companies. That is where the cloud architecture deserves to be. Most of the time, cloud is used in such cases of ordering online.

3) Your Business Logic is Dynamic: If your business functions on the core which are difficult, complex and always changing. Then you must choose to build your resources instead of buying. Build it on the cloud. Cloud computing is dynamic enough to change when the business requirements need it.

4) Your Organization have Web Developers on staff: Then it’s time for you to understand that human resources plays a big role. Cloud manages the web better with perfection. In short, the human factor is the key. If web developers have nothing to worry about, issues like scalability and availability of resources, then they can work without limitation and create positive results.

5) Your IT Departments and Open Source Technology(OST): If your IT department is open to the OST. Then it will be easy for you to consider the cloud because many open source technologies are the main lines of the cloud patterns. Lets see them one by one:

  • Redis & Cassandra which are the NoSql Database (storage mechanism)

  • Docker which is the deployment container (to build, ship and run your distributive applications)

  • Wordpress which is the content manager system that manages your contents.

  • Kafka which is the messaging system (high throughput, public subscribe)

  • Node.js & Express.js which are the web development frameworks (open-source, cross platform run time environment)

6) You have a Geographically Diverse work force: Sharing information over the web is very simple. Lots of high quality web based tools which are free of cost that can support a changing work environment. Some of them are:

These tools allow you to create and access shared folders, shared documents and software.

7) Having high percentage of Teleworkers: The availability of collaborative tools in the cloud which works on the internet supports them instead of physical equipment which can be used for storage and other purposes where you have to expand your work space.

8) Being in the Internet Of Things arena: Amazon has provided a new platform as a dedication for Internet Of Things(IOT) in the market leading with Amazon Web Services suite as a cloud related service.

9) You have small business or start-up: Small teams will face challenges when it comes to being comfortable and active where they have to work on different and changing courses quickly. The internal resources needed to be managed for the IT teams even if they are small. Cloud helps better with your technical debt while keeping your office the same size and allows your business to grow.

10) You are already using PAAS(Platform as a Service) or IAAS(Infrastructure as a Service): If you are to leverage the cloud technology regardless of the providing AWS(Amazon Web Service)Azure or Oracle Cloud to manage your business. Then you cannot use this technologies at a minimum cost. You have to take care of the providers along with the cloud. Use it with many different systems without rework and simplify the complexity of where your data stays. The data must stays with your business but not with your cloud provider.

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