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Providing real-time asset quality assurance in the palm of your hands

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The time is now.

A real-time location system

Whether in transit or stationary know where your assets are. BlockTrac can notify you about temperature, location, pressure, or tamper detection. Send notifications to personnel or customers on the go. Do it all based on criteria you define. BlockTrac works with bluetooth or wi-fi. Have the freedom to control what's happening with your assets.


Reducing loss can impact your bottom line


The hidden costs for failing to act on loss and waste

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Don't fall prey to loss!


Consumable Technology

BlockTrac is easy to adopt

We built BlockTrac with all businesses in mind. Whether you are a startup, growing or established organization BlockTrac can fit your needs. BlockTrac takes little effort or expense.

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What's stopping you

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Prevent losses from climate fluctuations 

Are your products temperature sensitive

If temperature monitoring is important to you then turn on BlockTrac's temperature sensor and create rules to receive event notifications based on the conditions that matter to you. It could be the difference to saving your inventory.


Reporting and Dashboards

See real time views

Track events that matter most or take a deep dive to better manage what's going on in your business. You'll be surprised what you uncover.


Know when unwanted tampering happens

Would you like to know if something goes outside a designated range

Instead of relying on cameras or people alone BlockTrac can fill in the gaps. Cameras have blindspots and people can disengage them. Let BlockTrac tell you when something or someone is tampering with products you control.


Turn BlockTrac into a profit center

Your customers will also benefit 

Consider how you might leverage BlockTrac to create a new revenue source. Would your customers like to know about the temperature, location and other pertinent product information? If so, they are likely willing to pay extra to have the information at their fingertips. Send automated emails to notify them about their high value purchases and now you've turned BlockTrac into a virtual profit center.

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Ovalz BlockTrac

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