You can’t save what you can’t see

Ovalz BlockTrac transforms data into profitable insights for business innovators

68% of small transporters say increasing costs is their greatest challenge. Source: HDT


Transform hidden data into revenue

Driving shipper, supplier, and transporter partnership, BlockTrac is a visibility hub that aligns asset inventory, chain of custody, bill of lading, people — and blockchain-powered security — for significantly improved service and efficiency.


Small fleets believe the smart use of technology can drive costs down by up to 30%. Source: Freightwaves


Big savings are here

Discover how much you could be saving with the visibility you’ll gain from BlockTrac, our all-in-one, e-bill of lading, and tracking management solution.


Eliminate the bad stuff

Unlike paper bill of ladings, BlockTrac helps eliminate fraud and reduce payment delays

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Electronic bill of ladings reduced complex commodity trades by 16 days, and simple trades typically taking 4.5 days were reduced to 65 minutes. Source: UK P&I Club

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Accentuate your service

When everything is visible via our web-based app, everyone feels more confident about the job and your brand.


Compliance, suddenly easier

Streamline and simplify the management of compliance regulations.

Compliance is a breeze Ovalz BlockTrac Trips.png

Track by land, air, rail, or sea

Record the movement and transfer of ownership anywhere in the world, on any distribution channel


Increase visibility with BlockTrac



Monthly per user fee


Connect a location enabled device

Up to 25 Active Trips


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Connect a location enabled device

Up to 50 Active Trips


Monthly per user fee


Connect a location enabled device

Unlimited Active Trips