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We reconcile inventory and expiration dates. Ovalz is the all-in-one reconciliation hub your business can count on. Try Ovalz to offload reconciliation work.

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Automate inventory expiration date and out-of-stock checks

Ovalz is an inventory engagement hub for stockouts and expired items–saving valuable time, informing you of what to purchase, and helping you avoid costly shortages.

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See the difference Ovalz made on these companies.
Retail Operations Manager
We struggle reconciling inventory within different areas of the store.
Store Owner
We spend time every day checking expiration date checks - the more time we can save, the better.
Grocery Manager
We are so glad Ovalz is automating the inventory reconciliation process!

Sound familiar?

Your peers are asking us these questions.

Our clerks spend time each day doing manual checks.

Manually updating a spreadsheet is time consuming and error prone. By the time you finish making updates, the data is obsolete, making it challenging to stay on top of shortages and spoilage.

Our store throws out too much food which hurts our bottom line.

Modern food & beverage businesses are increasingly integrating tools that better meet the demands of today’s customer.

Our labor costs keep going up, I want to find a simple way to control them.

Start monitoring up to 100 items for free with our Starter package. Scale products, users, and sites with a Growth or Expansion plan. With 24/7 global customer support, we’re there for you whenever you need assistance.
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Get reconciliation status without walking aisles



Invite staff.

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Your Ovalz ID makes it easy to follow products across systems. You can even import your data from a Google Sheet or Excel.
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View product details with expiration status.


Receive email alerts based on your lead time preferences.
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Get real-time insights.

See the expiration date status of all your inventory.
1. Monitor alerts: inventory position status
2. Count alerts: expiration date count reconciliations
3. Expiration alerts: expiration date and spoilage status
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An all-in-one email marketing platform.

Build strong online communities with advanced marketing tools. Get access to relevant audience data, and accurate reports on performance metrics.
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No credit checks or founder guarantee
Enable two-factor authentication emails
Bring in external data automations.
Sort through contacts based on content preferences.
Send automated activation emails
No coding required

Real-time reporting.

Know what works and leverage your data to constantly improve.
Auto-generated reports: Get reports on expiration date performance.
Real-time analysis: View expiration date status by location.
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In Three Simple steps:

Integrate or import your product and inventory data.
Invite users.
Set Notifications.
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Works with the tools you trust

We can have you up and running quickly. If you need another POS, eCommerce, IoT device, or inventory management system integration, Talk with us about it.
Your peers are asking us these questions.
Up to 100 items tracked, invite 3 users. The Starter plan is always free.
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Up to 1,000 items tracked with 2 Stores and unlimited users.
Starts at $99/month
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Ovalz

What is Ovalz and how does it work?
Ovalz is an all-in-one shortage monitoring platform.

With a single subscription, you can create Sites, connect your Shopify or QuickBooks. View reported inventory, run reconciliation logs, run automated audit checks, receive alerts, and much more.
What does an Ovalz subscription include?
1. Start a free trial.
2. Connect one or more data sources to a site.
3. Using Excel to monitor shortages? Import your inventory and expiration date information from a csv file or Google Sheet.  
4. Invite users for collaboration.
5. Set your notification preferences or use your default settings.
6. Start receiving automated expiration date reports.

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Is Ovalz Right for me?
Everyone has unique monitoring needs, so there’s no way to know if Ovalz is right for you unless you try it!

We offer a free 14-day trial so you can explore the full features of our platform, connect a site to decide if Ovalz meet your product expiration monitoring requirements. If you're still not sure use our free Starter plan for as long as you like.

For a visual preview before signing up, or to make the most of your trial, we recommend these resources:-Watch our short help videos.

With a single subscription, you can create Sites, connect your Shopify or QuickBooks, Run  audit checks, receive alerts, and much more.

Sign up for a monitoring expert step through.

Data & Privacy

How does Ovalz secure data?

Ovalz leverages SSL certificates to encrypt data in-transit between website end users and customer domains. Ovalz offers HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) which encrypts the content served during sessions and only allows Ovalz customer websites to be accessed via HTTPS.

Each account's data is isolated and never shared.

Common Questions

Can I use Ovalz without a paid subscription?

Yes, when you Start a free trial your account automatically defaults to our Growth plan which allows you to load up to 1,000 records. Users have the option to increase the number of records they can monitor purchasing add-on records or upgrading to an Expansion plan.

Accounts automatically revert to our Starter plan after the trial period expires. Limiting the number of inventory records you can monitor to 100.
How do notifications work?

Users can receive notifications about count levels, monitoring, and the spoilage status of items delivered on a daily or weekly schedule.

The notifications thresholds can be changed based on your preferences.
What is continuous monitoring logs work?

A new reconciliation is created anytime you append, import, or edit Store data.
Your records are version, time and date stamped with a reconciliation that displays matched and unmatched expiration status.

Once a new log is created your reports and notifications will trigger based on the last log event.

If you have discrepancies you can review a summary or drill into the details. Our practice is to protect your data and the integrity of it at all times.
Do you integrate with any applications?

Ovalz currently integrates with Shopify, Google Sheets, and QuickBooks Online. If you are interested in other integrations, please let us know.
Do you have specific questions

If you want to talk with us, we're here to help 8 am to 6 pm Monday thru Friday ET.

📞 301-969-2103

Contact us, we will always respond as quickly as possible.

We're experts in the Ovalz is the right choice for you.

If you're ready to give Ovalz a spin schedule a call.

Data & Privacy

Can I see who reads my email campaigns?
Yes, we offer a read timestamp feature with the standard and pro subscription plans.
Are there any email templates that I can customize?
Yes. Templates are easy ways to pre-format content. SaaSFlow provides built-in templates for you to use and also allows you to create your own templates.
How fast is your email delivery?
We can mail up to 800,000 messages an hour.

Terms & Conditions

What do you do about rejected emails?
We  try to send a message 4 times—one initial send and 3 retries over a 36 hour period. If a mail server reports that an address is permanently non-deliverable, we will only attempt to deliver to it once for that mailing.
Do you have A/B testing for emails?
Yes, you can A/B test with subject lines & preview the entire text before sending your mails out.
Data Privacy

You have products.

You are gaining customers. Now you need a way to consistently and profitably manage products...a cash flow engine.
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