Supply chain visibility and operations management

Smart asset management and regulatory compliance for small shippers and carriers

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Ovalz Platform Supply Chain Management
 BlockTrac Smart Asset Visibility

Smart Asset Visibility

 SmartTrac Regulatory Compliance Management

Regulatory Compliance Management

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Ovalz BlockTrac

Smart asset visibility with track and trace

Ovalz SmartTrac

Regulatory compliance management


Ovalz Platform

Easily manage trip planning and shipments

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Ovalz optimizes your supply chain


Device data

Connect your existing devices or add from a device partner


Data Bridge

Real-time integrations





See what's going on in your supply chain from anywhere


Device Mgmt.


Manage devices


Smart Contracts

Real-time secure, transparent, & cost saving operations


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Reduce manual processes in your supply chain

Protect against cargo loss & fraud

Reusable pallet & container recovery

Food Safety compliance & traceability

Trace assets through the supply chain

Hazardous material monitoring

Speed up billing by automating ownership verification

Meet sustainability demands of large shippers & transporters

Sanitary Transportation of Human & Animal Food Compliance

Spoilage & safety mitigation


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