Freight visibility and compliance for motor carriers and shippers

Ovalz is more than freight management. Ovalz is a data network, a place to save money and time, increase profitability and securely share information.

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Easily improve visibility

Track Shipments

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Create and Manage Assets

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Schedule Trips and Waypoints

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See Delivery Status Instantly

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Gain Insights from Analytics

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Automate Bill of Ladings

Digital sign-off by shipper, transporter and customer based on waypoint status

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All Trip, Waypoint and Bill of Lading details stored as a blockchain smart contract for added freight visibility

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Ovalz BlockTrac

Freight visibility

Ovalz SmartTrac

Freight compliance


Simple intelligence

Reduce friction and save money



Location and Trip data

Asset visibility and accountability


Asset Management

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Easily import asset data




Automate handoff and delivery



Monitor and confirm from anywhere




Manage cargo virtually


e-Bill of Lading


Fast, private and secure permanent records of freight acceptance with blockchain smart contracts


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For as little as $8 per month (customers don’t count against your user count), you get trip management, unlimited asset connections, waypoints, device connections, smart contracts, and fully automated handoff and bill of ladings, billed monthly. And unlike other freight management platforms, you get to use everything for one price – we don’t save the best features for our top tier plan. You have instant access to every single Ovalz feature. Not sure Ovalz is for you? Try it out for free.