Shippers, suppliers, and transporters—see what you can save with Ovalz.

Blockchain-powered end-to-end visibility and automated compliance for growing businesses.


Easily track your shipments—from any screen


Ovalz BlockTrac makes it easy to securely monitor and
track high-value cargo wherever you are.

57% of worldwide cargo losses take place at warehouses and in-transit.
The largest commodity stolen is Food and Beverage.

Source: BSI and TT Club

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Know what’s working. Fix what’s not.


Ovalz SmartTrac helps you collaborate and share compliance information so you can take action on insights that matter.



Confirm chain of custody, automatically

With Ovalz automating asset-handoff-and-delivery confirmation gives you full chain of custody visibility.

Discover how to reduce 3PL transporter risk

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Say hello to digital bill of lading

Modernize your operation with a fully digital solution. And say bye-bye to paper bill of lading expenses.

15% of estimated physical transportation costs are from paper BOLs and similar paper documentation. Source: American Express

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Compete better with blockchain-powered visibility

BlockTrac’s real-time ledger stores trip and waypoint activity as a blockchain smart contract, vastly improving traditional methods of security and visibility.

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